Mini Interview – Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 5: OUTATIME (What Does AJ LoCascio Think?)

By Marty Mulrooney


It’s finally time! Following on from our recent review of Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 5: OUTATIME, AMO is proud to present our fifth and final exclusive monthly mini interview with Marty McFly voice actor AJ LoCascio!


Hey AJ! Welcome back to AMO for our final monthly Back To The Future: The Game (not-so) mini-interview!

Thanks mate! Can’t believe we’re at the end already.

How does it feel now that it is all finally over?


What are your thoughts on the final episode, OUTATIME?

Well – I think it was a lot of fun and I’m quite happy to see it ended in a way that allows not only for a sequel, but infinite possibilities for that sequel.

BackToTheFuture105 2011-07-01 15-45-25-62

What was your favourite part of the final episode?

The end… you know which part!

Jennifer Parker didn’t come back! Do you think it would have been difficult to work her into the final episode?

No, I just think the ending was more about Doc and Marty this time, so it wasn’t wholly necessary that she be waiting there on a bench swing or something.

What was your favourite attraction at the Hill Valley Science Expo?

The House of the Future – or whatever it was called – the music in there was amazing.

BackToTheFuture105 2011-07-01 15-29-01-91

If you had a recording pot plant in real life, who would you secretly eavesdrop on ?

Good question… hmmm. Gary Busey or Charlie Sheen. I would love to know what absurd shit they mumble to themselves when no one’s looking. After all – think of what they say when people ARE listening.

When Marty does an impression of Carl Sagan on the ‘Phone of the Future’ to Edna, was it really you doing the voice? If so, great job!

Yeah it was me. It was pretty funny doing Chris Lloyd’s voice just minutes after talking to him. Thankfully he wasn’t in the room – otherwise I would have been super embarrassed. I found myself imitating his actions when he recorded; which was a lot of waving my arms above my head and hunching over. It was a subconscious-turned-conscious action.

First Citizen Brown/Carl Sagan is no more! Was he such a bad guy in the end?

I don’t think so. I mean – if some kid showed up out of nowhere and told you your wife, whom you’d been with for 60 years (or however long), is nuts – you’d eventually go against him too! I mean Marty was coming in and uprooting his whole life!

BackToTheFuture105 2011-07-01 15-42-08-85

Michael J. Fox joined the voice cast this month! How did you react when you heard the news?

I was just relieved. It had been a long time coming. Telltale had been trying to get him since before the first episode. So I think relief is probably the best word. It started as extreme excitement – then turned to anticipation, followed by anxiety and then – just relief.

Did you get to meet him? (If so, what did he think of your Marty McFly voice?)

No… and sadly no idea.

The hoverboard returned! I am sure a lot of fans will be very pleased! Can you skateboard in real life?

I’m happy to say I got to play a small part in it’s reintroduction. It was either a new version of the hoverboard or the classic pink. I was pushing for the Mattel one. Glad to see it back. And I can skateboard about as much as Marty does in the movies – I used to skate down the large hill in my neighbourhood, almost died a handful of times. Never wore any protective gear – I’d rather die than wear a helmet.

BackToTheFuture105 2011-07-01 15-33-51-38

I mentioned in my OUTATIME review that "An interactive sequence near the end involving two DeLoreans, a hoverboard and some gaming headsets is a major highlight, with the camera swooping dramatically to follow the action as Marty scoots around, clinging on for dear life." What did you think of this sequence?

I loved it – it was a lot more dynamic than we are used to seeing in a point-and-click adventure, so it was exciting to see something fresh and action packed.

How faithful do you feel the game has been to the original film trilogy?

Boy do I get asked that a lot. The simple answer is – until we see a season two – as faithful as you can get.

Actually, I can’t believe I haven’t asked you this yet: which was your favourite Back To The Future film?

The first one! It’s a perfect film, simply untouchable in every aspect.

BackToTheFuture105 2011-07-01 15-46-23-36

What are your thoughts on OUTATIME’s ending?

I liked it a lot – it was perfectly insane and totally in the spirit of the films. But now it simply makes me want more.

Do you think Telltale will have a hard time following on from that ending if they do a sequel?


Looking back over the entire season, which is your favourite episode and why?

That’s a tough question – especially since I don’t think of them as individual episodes – to me it’s one story. I loved the speakeasy a lot, plus the opening of the first episode. There are so many moments that are just fun – again – it’s impossible to single things out for me.

Who has been your favourite supporting character (besides Doc)?

Leech. His voice actor should win an Oscar or a small plane or something.

BackToTheFuture105 2011-07-01 15-31-56-74

What do you think of James Arnold Taylor’s voice acting as young Emmett?

He is actually my favourite supporting character. He’s a brilliant addition. There is no way to not see him as Doc – the transition is simply flawless.

Would you like work with Telltale on other games/franchises besides Back To The Future?

Hel-l I’d work with Telltale on anything! And by now they’re probably tired of me saying it. I’m just looking forward to Fables, but in all honestly if they cast me as a bag of shit – I’d be more than happy to comply.


I heard you were at E3! What was that like for you?

Unusual and sweaty. Got to meet a lot of great people including the hilarious and beautiful Lisa Folies – do I get brownie points for the shout out? But E3 was amazing – I’m not the kind of person who waits in lines for anything – especially not at a convention – so it was odd and slightly amusing to see hoards of disgruntled people waiting exorbitant amounts of time to play something I’d never heard of. But it was very cool to be walking and have someone recognize me – that was beyond surreal. My initial thought is to ask if we went to the same high school – before I realise – I’ve never met this person.

What has been your most memorable experience over the past six months whilst working on the game?

I can easily say – playing Johnny B. Good at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance was the highlight of my entire being – despite the fact that I suck at guitar. Oh – and sharing a bowl of edamame with Chris Lloyd… How many people can say that?

BackToTheFuture105 2011-07-01 15-50-50-76

I’m assuming that the ‘To Be Continued…’ message after the end credits is a pretty strong confirmation that a second season is planned?

Nothing about the future is certain. But a guy can dream.

Can AMO book you for some more monthly mini-interviews in advance? 😛


What’s next for you AJ?

Keep a weather eye on the horizon. You’ll see.

Thank you for your time! I hope you’ve enjoyed these monthly mini-interviews as much as I have, it has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to doing it all again in the future!

It has been a pleasure! Thanks for all the great questions and for giving a crap about anything I have to say. I’ll see you soon!

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  1. “Keep a weather eye on the horizon. You’ll see.” … Well he IS a Jack Sparrow impersonator… I’m assuming he’s hinting at some kind of Pirates Of The Caribbean project he’s involved in… (game or cartoon series perhaps?)

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