Mini Interview – Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 2: Get Tannen! (What Does AJ LoCascio Think?)

By Marty Mulrooney


It’s that time again! Following on from our recent review of Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 2: Get Tannen!, AMO is proud to present our second exclusive monthly mini interview with Marty McFly voice actor AJ LoCascio!

Hi AJ, welcome back to AMO!

Thank you!

What did you think of ‘Get Tannen!’ overall in comparison to ‘It’s About Time’?

I liked it quite a bit. Honestly I think I enjoyed it more than the first because I really liked the speakeasy atmosphere. I’ve always been obsessed with all the rather distinct styles between 1930-1950, so I was thrilled to get to explore Hill Valley’s seedy 1930’s underbelly.

BackToTheFuture102 2011-03-02 15-48-06-01

Telltale include plenty of nods to the original film trilogy this month, with Officer Parker being a prime example. How effectively do you feel Telltale are expanding upon the films whilst still remaining faithful to them?

I know that the guys at Tellltale are some of the biggest fans out there, and they absolutely do their damndest to get as much of the ‘movie feeling’ into it. It’s a super hard task to take on – after all – we don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t feel like the movie – then who would it appeal to? I think they have remained, and will remain, as faithful to the originals as humanly possible.

Favourite new character this month?

I loved Trixie Trotter – she was a lot of fun to interact with and I loved her songs – her voice actress did a wonderful  job. I’m also a sucker for any character with a Harley Quinn accent – so she got me there. I was also a huge fan of Officer Parker – he reminded me of my friend John (when he’s drunk) – so he made me laugh, even when he was just sitting idle over his glass.

BackToTheFuture102 2011-03-02 15-52-13-58

At one point Marty sings in the speakeasy, if only for a little while! Would you be willing to sing more extensively if Telltale requested you to do so? I think a musical element would be awesome! (Marty is a musician after all…)

Why not! It was pretty funny because I had just done the Enchantment Under the Sea recreation for the 25th anniversary – so I was ready to belt it out. But we weren’t sure if it should sound like Marty or like the guy singing in the movie that Michael J. Fox lip synched over. We went with the latter.

And I don’t think Telltale will be asking me to sing again any time soon – but who knows – every script is just as much of a surprise to me as anyone else – so there could be a whole time stopping number in there!

BackToTheFuture102 2011-03-02 16-20-48-02

Young Doc Brown and Edna Strickland… a bad idea?

…she’s hotter than Clara – and probably a little more kinky.

When do you usually get to experience the full episodes personally? Before or after release?

The same time as everyone else. The guys (and gals) are usually placing the last pieces of the puzzle before it gets pulled from their hands and flung into the world. Anything I see beforehand is usually super rough, and has a lot of funny floating objects.


The cliff-hanger ending was incredible. How do you expect Marty to develop as a character over the course of the season?

I’m really not sure – he’ll certainly grow, but not so much that he’ll loose his boyish charm. If anything I think he’ll learn that no matter where Doc is – there is always an adventure around the corner.

How far ahead do you work? For example, does work on Episode 3 not begin until Episode 2 is released?

Roughly – I’ll being doing Ep. 4 soon and Ep. 3 hasn’t been released – it sort of staggers, but that’s the basic gist.

BackToTheFuture102 2011-03-02 15-46-34-99

Marty dressed up as a gangster this month, which was a great look for him! Do you know if he will he have to dress up again in Episode 3?

Hmm… Given what I remember about the plot – I don’t think so, but Marty is a master of disguise so it might be possible. I’m just hoping he’ll get a chance to rock that moustache again.

Do you practice speaking as Marty when you aren’t recording at all?

No – I’ve been doing it for so long – I just go.

BackToTheFuture102 2011-02-23 02-01-09-73

Has anyone recognized you in the street yet? 😀

Haha – not for anything that wasn’t Back to the Future related.  I have had some rather funny incidents where someone would bring up the game (knowing I was a BTTF fan) and talk about “that guy” that did the voice of Marty. I would of course soon reveal (with a huge grin) that “that guy” was me, which is always hilarious.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to speaking with you again next month!

Gladly! See you next month!

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  1. zounds

    Nice! Your Marty McFly is strong, sir.

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