Mini Interview – Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 1: It’s About Time (What Does AJ LoCascio Think?)

By Marty Mulrooney


Following on from our recent review of Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 1: It’s About Time (“a film-to-video game adaptation done right”), AMO is proud to present our first exclusive monthly mini interview with Marty McFly voice actor AJ LoCascio!

BackToTheFuture101 2011-01-04 01-53-03-43

Hi AJ thank you for joining us once more on AMO! How do you feel now the first episode of Back To The Future: The Game has been released?

Hmm… how do I feel? Well – relieved now that I know they haven’t recast me before it got released – so that’s a relief. But it’s all super cool – I’m pretty overwhelmed by the idea that my voice is in a game.

We all know by now you are a huge fan of the Back To The Future films. Would you also describe yourself as a gamer?

I am indeed a big BTTF fan, but a gamer – not really. I don’t really have any idea what being a gamer implies – I do play games on occasion, but I never go out and buy them – unless it’s something really mind blowing. Although I do have my share of games I’m obsessed with – Uncharted, Resident Evil 4, American McGee’s Alice, Super Mario World… and of course – BTTF.

BackToTheFuture101 2011-01-04 01-59-16-89

Episode 1: It’s About Time sees the return of several recurring characters from the films. Which of these characters is your favourite and why?

Marty. He’s always been a character I related to growing up – he’s scrawny, but scrappy – and just barely keeping up with the odd crap happening around him. I’ve just always been drawn to him.

How about the new characters that are introduced? Do you have a favourite?

I like young Doc a lot. I know he’s not really new, but James Arnold Taylor as well as the guys at Telltale have done an amazing job making him very true to who Doc would have been at his age.

BackToTheFuture101 2011-01-04 01-55-20-08

The relationship between Doc and Marty always underpinned the films. Do you feel that is still the case with the video game adaptation?

As we’ll see in later episodes, and heck even in the earlier ones – it’s all about Doc and Marty’s relationship. That really is the drive and reason behind most of their actions and interactions. Their bond and dynamic exists even when meeting for the first time again in an alternate timeline. Which we see.

How much of the overall episode do you know about when recording your lines? Do you think you will still be able to enjoy the episodes as a fan?

I know what I need to get me to interact accordingly. I have a general idea about where the episode is going, but for me it’s my job to react to every possible outcome and choice – so I have a pretty broad scope of the story.

BackToTheFuture101 2011-01-04 02-00-17-52

Did you record your lines separately from Christopher Lloyd? How does it feel when you see and hear Marty interacting on screen with the Doc?

Yes – we record separately, although I’m usually there for his sessions. It feels pretty seamless when we interact in the game, because we both have a firm grasp on who these characters are, and how they would react. And the guys at Telltale know the whole scope – so they bridge the gaps and perfect it.

Episode 1 took gamers back to the 1930’s. What aspects of this era do you think worked well?

I love that it’s reminiscent of the 1950’s Hill Valley – it’s sort of a fantasy version of a golden era. It feels very classic Back to the Future to me. It’s like him seeing the world his parents grew up in. Now he’s seeing the world his friend Doc grew up in.

BackToTheFuture101 2011-01-04 02-00-14-27

What is your favourite moment from Episode 1: It’s About Time?

Looking back I think it’s honestly the small moment where Marty holds up Edna’s shoe and the passerby and him have a hilarious interaction. I loved how oddly genuine that was.

Can you give us any clues about what we can expect in Episode 2?

Hell starting to break loose. After all – at the end of episode one (spoiler) we see that Marty and Doc have apparently screwed up.

Thank you for your time!

No Problem! After all – we’ve got all the time in the world! I need to stop making those jokes…

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