INTERVIEW – In Conversation With AJ LoCascio (Voice Actor – Marty McFly)

By Marty Mulrooney


It is no secret that Alternative Magazine Online are huge fans of both Telltale Games and the Back To The Future franchise. Therefore, when we learnt that Telltale were creating a brand new adventure game based on the licence, we could hardly hold back our excitement! Kicking off AMO’s ongoing coverage, we have an exclusive interview with the delightful actor AJ LoCascio, who will be voicing Marty McFly alongside Christopher Loyd as the Doc.


Hi Mr LoCascio, thank you for your time! Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself please?

Hi Marty! Well to start, I grew up in New Jersey, then moved to New York where I went to the School of Visual Arts for film. Very quickly, I found myself being asked to act more than direct. So I went with it. A year after I graduated, I drove out to L.A. with my buddy Rob, and very shortly after I landed the role of Marty.

How does it feel to be voicing Marty McFly in the upcoming Back The The Future video game adaptation?

Unreal. I love Marty Mcfly and always have since I was a kid. He’s one of my fictional heroes, so it’s surreal to be playing him.

How did you manage to secure the role?

Telltale is probably very tired of me telling this story, but it’s true that I literally just called the head of the company as Marty Mcfly. (I don’t necessarily recommend this approach for other budding V.O. artists – I just lucked out.)

Have you had any feedback/input from Michael J. Fox himself?

I haven’t had any feedback from Micheal J. Fox, but I did get some from Chris Lloyd. He was very quiet when I met him, but when I did the impression in the studio he turned into the energetic Doc we all know – which scared me a wee bit. There’s also a clip of Kevin Smith freaking out about the impression out there, which is just hilarious in general.

What do you think are the most distinctive characteristics of Marty McFly as a character?

His inability to keep up. He seems just a hair behind everything that’s going on, but just barely manages. He’s also pretty out of touch with most things. Like when Doc asks him to wear something inconspicuous, he buys the most ridiculous outfit he can. He just isn’t very sensitive to the world around him, in a typical teenage way.

Is voice work something that has always interested you? I heard you used to be a Jack Sparrow impersonator!

It’s always been something I’ve toyed with. Acting is acting whether I’m behind a microphone or in front of a camera, but I never specifically targeted voice acting until recently. I honestly never thought it would go anywhere, and if I tried, I’d just be another looser that does a million impressions and posts them on YouTube; everybody has one of those friends and I didn’t want to be that guy.

And yes – I got myself through college impersonating Johnny Depp in various forms, but mostly as Captain Jack.

Would you be willing to come back to AMO for some episode specific mini-interviews in the future?

I’ll see you there!

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