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Mini Interview – Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 2: Get Tannen! (What Does AJ LoCascio Think?)

By Marty Mulrooney


It’s that time again! Following on from our recent review of Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 2: Get Tannen!, AMO is proud to present our second exclusive monthly mini interview with Marty McFly voice actor AJ LoCascio!

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GAME REVIEW – Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 2: Get Tannen!

By Marty Mulrooney

BackToTheFuture102 2011-02-23 02-04-53-82

Back To The Future: The Game returns this month with Episode 2: Get Tannen! In my review of Episode 1: It’s About Time I described it as “a film-to-video game adaptation done right” and Episode 2 undoubtedly builds upon these solid foundations. However, I also speculated that many players would be “hoping for a greater challenge across the board in future episodes”. Therefore, I approached Get Tannen! safe in the knowledge that the overall experience would be fan-pleasingly authentic, but also hoping deep down that the gameplay would be far more substantial this time around… 

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