Mini Interview – Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 4: Double Visions (What Does AJ LoCascio Think?)

By Marty Mulrooney


He’s back! Following on from our recent review of Back To The Future: The Game – Episode 4: Double Visions, AMO is proud to present our fourth exclusive monthly mini interview with Marty McFly voice actor AJ LoCascio!

BackToTheFuture104 2011-05-09 20-28-31-79

Hey AJ, welcome back to AMO! It’s great having you here with us each month.

Thanks, it’s great to back each month.

How’s the ‘acting game’ going for you ?

Not bad, we’ll see what the next big project is, but not bad.

Double Visions was recently released: what do you think of this month’s instalment of Back To The Future: The Game?

I loved it. I think I like each episode better than the last. So here’s hoping episode 5 blows them all out of the water!

BackToTheFuture104 2011-05-09 20-23-39-39

Is there a cooler way to break out of prison than with a huge amp and electric guitar?

None that I can think of – I think they should remake the Shawshank Redemption with that as the alternate ending.

If you could be ‘Citizen Plussed’ to get rid of some bad habits, what would they be?

Oooh, good question. I curse a lot and have a general lack of tolerance for authority. So I’d probably be Citizen Plussed pretty quickly. But I wouldn’t choose to change that.

Edna Strickland: evil or just misunderstood?

She is one evil mutha.’

BackToTheFuture104 2011-05-09 20-52-52-77

Is it just me or is young Edna actually pretty hot?!

If I were a digital character… I’d tap that.

Who do you personally consider to be the true villain of Back To The Future: The Game?

Hmm… well… to a certain degree Doc. And that’s all I’ll say.

We get to see the outside of Hill Valley High School this month in Double Visions! Have you visited any of the Back To The Future film locations in real life?

I have. I’ve been to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance location, and the Hill Valley set at Universal.

BackToTheFuture104 2011-05-09 20-15-10-21

What was your favourite moment of Episode 4: Double Visions and why?

The escape from ‘prison’ part was most excellent. I loved Marty in the disguise and just the whole dynamic of that scene.

I can’t believe I haven’t asked you this already! If you could time travel, when/where would you go to and why?

I can’t either. I would go to the 1960’s and try to encourage my father in a different direction with his life…  sounds vaguely familiar.

Have you ever driven 88mph?

Pff… is there any other speed?


What is Christopher Lloyd like in the flesh? I imagine he’s a pretty cool guy!

He’s super laid back. He’s like Doc in slow motion.

Is it true that you have now finished recorded all of your lines for Back To The Future: The Game?

Sadly yes. Aside from pick ups I’m officially done.

Do you remember your final line?

It wasn’t a line so much as a grunt. It was an action scene so I was just making lots of noises.

Are you aware of any particular reason that you have finished recording a whole month in advance of the final episode?

Well they gotta make it don’t they? They also want to take their time with the final chapter.


Was it a happy or sad moment once you wrapped up the recording process?

Both. I was happy I made it through, but extremely sad it was over. I look forward to working with the Telltale guys on future projects though.

Is there going to be a wrap party?

I wish. I doubt it. But I’m hoping.

Will the final episode still be a surprise for you, or do you already have a pretty concrete idea about how it all ends?

Oh, I know how it ends, but there are still plenty of surprises in store for me and the fans.

Has there been any talk of a second season?

I know Bob Gale has talked about a second…  so we’ll see.

Thank you for your time! I look forward to reviewing the final episode and interviewing you again next month – hopefully not for the last time either!

I’ll see you next month! – AJ

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