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GAME REVIEW – Tales Of Monkey Island (PC, Wii, PlayStation 3)

By Marty Mulrooney


Tales Of Monkey Island was released to critical acclaim last year on PC, followed by ports on both Wii and PS3. I immediately noticed that there was a surprising lack of concrete detail about the quality of the console ports available online. Therefore, when I finally finished the game recently on all three platforms, I decided to share my thoughts with AMO’s readers. This review will be less a review of the game itself (which comprises five chapters, each of which is fantastic) and instead offer a write-up on the different versions available and their various strengths/weaknesses.

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GAME REVIEW – Tales Of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 ‘Rise Of The Pirate God’ (Season Finale)

By Marty Mulrooney

MonkeyIsland105 2009-12-09 23-15-06-36

Chapter 4 of Tales Of Monkey Island was awarded Alternative Magazine Online’s first ever perfect 10 score last month, finishing on a cliff-hanger that blew many fans old and new completely away.

My main worry initially was that the season final would not be able to hold this momentum through to its conclusion, although I also noted in my review for Chapter 4 that I had the upmost faith that Telltale were up to the challenge. Thank god I was right. Rise Of The Pirate God dials that 10 up to 11 with admirable ease.

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GAME REVIEW – Tales Of Monkey Island: Chapter 4 ‘The Trial And Execution Of Guybrush Threepwood’

By Marty Mulrooney


At the end of my review for episode 3 of Tales Of Monkey Island last month, which I awarded a whopping 9.5 OUT OF 10, I noted that my only worry now was whether episode 4 would (could?) be even better, or would falter under the pressure being put upon it by fans old and new alike…

Loading up episode 4 this all played on my mind of course, but something else was eating at me from inside that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Something I couldn’t shake. It may have been the fact Winslow was tied up back on the Narwhal, not to be joining us on our latest adventure. It may have been the new night-time setting, making the once quite appealing, sunny shores of Flotsam almost remind me of the darkest moments of Monkey Island 2, with splendid lighting effects washing over our bound, silent hero. It may even have been Morgan herself, who we knew all along was an enemy, but didn’t want to quite believe would screw us over so nonchalantly. Continue reading


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GAME REVIEW – Tales Of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 ‘Launch Of The Screaming Narwhal’

By Marty Mulrooney


talesofmi_lechuck_conceptWhen Tales Of Monkey Island, and the forthcoming remake of The Secret Of Monkey Island, were announced at E3 this year, many adventure fans gasped in a mixture of shock and delight. Any adventure fan will surely tell you that adventure gaming, contrary to popular belief, never truly died. There have been some excellent adventures released in recent years, even if they have flown under the radar compared to the overwhelming explosion made by high-definition gaming and the PS3/XBOX360/Wii console dominance.

Yet the announcement that the adventure gaming series that every adventure gamer knows was being both remastered and expanded upon was a day many had thought would never come. The announcement that Telltale, consisting of many ex-Lucasarts employees who had already saved Sam and Max, would be helming the continuation of the story with downloadable episodes was also welcome news. The franchise was in safe, respectable hands. Even Lucasarts themselves were openly getting involved, whilst they also worked hard on their new Special Edition of The Secret Of Monkey Island (TM). Expectations were running high. Continue reading


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