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GAME REVIEW – Snakes of Avalon (PC)

By Jamie Downes (Guest Writer)

Snakes of Avalon

If Snakes of Avalon were to be anthropomorphised, there is little doubt that it would instantly be arrested on multiple drink and drug charges. Its continuation as a theoretical being would see it go on to spend mere hours in a rehabilitation clinic before all concerned realised that no amount of help could possibly rectify the situation. Transportation to a mental-health institution would swiftly follow where it would be avoided at all costs; free to live out the remainder of its days in its own alternate universe, visible to no sane member of any population… ever. Returning this review to the real world however, Snakes of Avalon is a traditional point-and-click adventure title made with Adventure Game Studio (AGS); one which sees its unabashed insanity create a charm that is difficult to deny, and all too easy to become entirely engrossed by.

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