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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Jane Jensen (Game Designer, Gabriel Knight Trilogy/Gray Matter)

By Marty Mulrooney


Jane Jensen is a game designer who needs no introduction. AMO recently caught up with the legendary creator of the Gabriel Knight trilogy to discuss her latest offering, Gray Matter. An interactive mystery featuring a unique blend of fact and fiction, the game revolves around an American magician, Samantha Everett, and a reclusive neurobiologist, Dr. David Styles, as they face paranormal activity in Oxford, England. Not only was Jane kind enough to answer our many questions, she even shared some exclusive artwork too!

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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Robert Holmes (Composer, Gray Matter Soundtrack/Gabriel Knight Series)

By Marty Mulrooney


Robert Holmes is an American composer best known for his work at Sierra Online, where he composed the music for the Gabriel Knight series of adventure games created by Jane Jensen (his wife) throughout the 90’s. Most recently, he contributed to the soundtrack of Jensen’s long-awaited adventure game Gray Matter, both as composer of the general score and as a musician with his band The Scarlet Furies. It therefore goes without saying that AMO is delighted to present an exclusive interview with Robert where we discuss this project, the Gabriel Knight series and more!

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