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Mini Interview – TOMI Season Finale: Rise Of The Pirate God (What Does Dominic Armato Think?)

By Marty Mulrooney

MonkeyIsland105 2009-12-11 17-14-35-82

I can’t believe that we are already here: Alternative Magazine Online’s final interview with Guybrush Threepwood voice actor Dominic Armato. A constant every month since the site was born, Dom has always provided me with fantastic answers and humbled me with his absolute cooperation. Reviewing the games and then picking his brain have really helped me grow as a writer and in turn raised the quality of the site. I am therefore proud (and somewhat quite sad) to present our final  interview, pertaining to the season finale of Tales Of Monkey Island, entitled Rise Of The Pirate God. Enjoy!

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GAME REVIEW – Tales Of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 ‘Lair Of The Leviathan’

By Marty Mulrooney


We are now at the halfway point in Telltale’s take on the Monkey Island Universe. Tales of Monkey Island has so far provided fans with two excellent games that we are still amazed have even seen the light of day in the first place… although I did note in my review for The Siege Of Spinner Cay that some technical shortcomings were ruining the proceedings somewhat… So now, it’s crunch time. We can no longer let nostalgia and love for this classic adventure franchise cloud our judgement. How does Chapter 3 measure up as an adventure game in its own right?

Well first of all, any technical shortcomings from the last two chapters have disappeared with this, the third chapter in a five-part adventure of piratey proportions. I am happy to say that Lair Of The Leviathan had addressed nearly every single niggle I had with the previous two episodes: it is tightly woven, consistently funny, and a joy in both the graphics and sound departments.

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Site Update – A Word From Site Creator And Founder Martin Mulrooney

By Marty Mulrooney

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Hey everyone! If you are reading this, then congratulations. You are one of the increasingly large number of people who visits Alternative Magazine Online on a regular basis. You are the lifeblood of this whole experiment in offering something set slightly aside from the mainstream!

Today marks a very special day for the site, and for myself personally. That is because today, the site hits 6 months of age! I would have never thought all that time ago, not even graduated from university yet, that the site would grow so rapidly, or get such a wide variety of visitors and collaborators. So now, if you would please bear with me, I have several announcements to make!

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