Site Update – A Word From Site Creator And Founder Martin Mulrooney

By Marty Mulrooney

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Hey everyone! If you are reading this, then congratulations. You are one of the increasingly large number of people who visits Alternative Magazine Online on a regular basis. You are the lifeblood of this whole experiment in offering something set slightly aside from the mainstream!

Today marks a very special day for the site, and for myself personally. That is because today, the site hits 6 months of age! I would have never thought all that time ago, not even graduated from university yet, that the site would grow so rapidly, or get such a wide variety of visitors and collaborators. So now, if you would please bear with me, I have several announcements to make!

I would like to think, as well as the articles and reviews that were to be expected on a site of this type, that AltMagOnline has also provided a few special surprises along the way.

Chats with Monkey Island voice actors Dom Armato and Alexandra Boyd started the ball rolling, both providing fantastic interviews.

We have also had interviews with game designers, authors, and film directors. Michael Marshall Smith has for many years been my favourite author, so to speak to him now, as an aspiring journalist and writer myself, was wonderful.

Duncan Jones, director of Moon, was our latest interviewee. His warmth and kindness as we chatted on the phone was truly humbling. He answered each question with the detail usually afforded only to the much bigger, more mainstream reporting bodies out there. He is a fantastic film maker and I can not wait to interview him again.

Moving swiftly onwards… my first announcement is with regards to the site’s new writers! Yes that’s right, you may have noticed that several articles now show authors other than yours truly.

Duncan Voice is our first fresh face. An Xbox gamer, I feel he will really add to the variety of the site. We should definitely be able to focus on a wider range of games now, irregardless of the platform. Welcome to the team!

As well, my good friend (lecturer/ journalist) Paddy Hoey should have some content coming up on the site as well. He is a big fan of the television show ‘The Wire’ so don’t be surprised if something along those lines pops up soon!

A new staff page will be posted shortly with further details about the people involved behind the scenes at Alternative Magazine Online as well.

Next announcement! You will hopefully have also noticed that we are now situated at a proper domain! is here to stay, so bookmark us and stay in the loop! I shall also be providing an official contact email so that readers can get in touch with myself or any of the other writers if they want to ask something, provide feedback, or simply have a chat! You may also follow the site, and contact me, via our Twitter (AltMagOnline).

And finally, what’s coming in the future? Well more of the same… and a little bit more! We now have several deals with digital distribution game companies, ensuring we get reliable press copies to give you the best reviews possible. Our friends at HarperCollins are invaluable in helping us contact authors, so that we can provide you with more great interviews. We are constantly making contacts and friends, so things can only grow from here.

A taste of things to come: we have another phone interview arriving shortly, this time with an author who has just written and released a sequel to one of the greatest horror stories of the last 100 years. (Give or take a few years!)

We also have another interview with a great film director, although the actors in his latest film never spoke a single word…

Dom Armato owes us another interview as well! (Thanks Dom!)

Finally, we will be getting a redesign and new look when we get the time to implement it.

There will be a few competitions coming along as well!

So stay tuned!

And of course, how could I forget! Thank you, ever faithful reader. Without you guys, this site would still be a haphazardly updated blog with no real sense of direction. Thank you so much!

Martin Mulrooney – Alternative Magazine Online

Feedback and suggestions welcomed in the comments section below! What did you like? What did you dislike? What did you want more of?! Tell us! Also, if we get enough feedback, we may give a few lucky readers a free game, so don’t forget to leave your email address!


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7 responses to “Site Update – A Word From Site Creator And Founder Martin Mulrooney

  1. Best wishes for the future, Alternative Magazine!

  2. Takun

    Champ, you had me at “few special surprises”.

  3. Congratulations on your six months on the internet! I came here to read the interviews with Dominic Armato, but I’ll be sure to check out the rest of the site.

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    • I love it, as Igor said, got a real magazine look to it.
      When you going to sell some ads? Better than any site in Liverpool area at the minute. Mind you always have thought global!

      • Marty Mulrooney

        Haha thanks Paddy! You commented on the older announcements page btw but I will let you off 😛

        The gameplan is as follows: Redesign site (in progress) build up a team of quality writers (already got a great headstart there!) nick some of your The Wire articles (coming soon) and then, hopefully when I have a media-related job, move the whole site to a private server and add some non-intrusive advertising! The future certainly looks bright for Alternative Magazine Online… and to think it all started with some stuntmen, Wallace and Gromit and Jim Shelley!

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