MUSIC REVIEW – The Last of the Analogues by Wilson T. King

By Marty Mulrooney

The Last Of The Analogues

Alternative Magazine Online reviewed Follow Your First Mind by blues guitarist Wilson T. King in 2010, describing it as “a debut to be proud of, echoing the past whilst always managing to sound refreshingly contemporary.” The Last of the Analogues is Mr King’s second solo album, once again avoiding the cliché-ridden karaoke modern blues scene like the plague to hopefully offer something totally different from most modern offerings – real blues music that captures the heart and soul of the human performance.

Perhaps it’s just this reviewer’s warped perception, but the lyrics of Wilson T. King’s second album seem far more prevalent and memorable here than they ever did during Follow Your First Mind. They also seem much more evocative and focused – the uniformly excellent guitar solos are even more enjoyable when delivered ‘Like The Turquoise In A Crashing Wave’, for example.

Elsewhere, ‘Bury Me With The Bible’ (I’ll read it on the way down) thuds along heavily and merrily. No matter which track you choose (there are 8 in total), you’ll never be too far away from a guitar crunch, lick or blistering solo. ‘Born Into This’ starts lightly enough, but before long the supreme guitar skills of Mr King wail in and continue to rule throughout the entire track.

Elsewhere, ‘Edge Of Forever’ is one of the album’s slower tracks, perfectly encapsulating the overall darker tone of The Last of the Analogues with its tempered mixture of anguished vocals and aching guitar squeals and groans. The clue is in the title – in a world of music where most musical notes are produced via soulless computer, Wilson T. King is keeping it old-school, and then some.

‘Great Things Never Forgotten’ is another technically accomplished track with another memorable guitar solo – and to be fair, each track is put together with an equal amount of care and precision. ‘Broken Son’ channels Eric Clapton at his most chilled. However, this is a darker path than was last trod by Mr King in 2010. As a result, it will likely be more dividing in opinion. For this reviewer, Follow Your First Mind has the slight edge… but only just. Regardless, The Last Of The Analogues delivers where it counts – this is real music delivered with real conviction. Whether it’s to the individual listener’s taste or not, the musicianship, passion and raw talent of Wilson T. King can never be questioned. A guitarist to keep an eye on – and an ear wouldn’t hurt either.

8 OUT OF 10

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