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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Joshua Rigal (Little Brother Eli, Cold Tales)

By Marty Mulrooney

Little Brother Eli Cold Tales Interview

Little Brother Eli describe themselves as “a bluesy garage band who combine soulful blues grooves with hip hop and raw rock.” Alternative Magazine Online described their debut EP in 2013 as “arguably the best £2 you’ll spend on music in 2013” and interviewed the band’s bassist Joshua Rigal following the release of their wonderful second EP in 2015. Having closely followed their music from the very beginning, AMO is proud to present yet another exclusive online interview with Joshua, this time to discuss the band’s upcoming debut album!

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MUSIC REVIEW – Recovery by Eminem

By Joseph Viney


We all know the routine by now: “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?”, “Hi, my name is…”. The man who’s first two major-label albums were eponymous has always been keen to introduce and re-introduce himself to his audience. After the first two albums, both of which were savage, rhythmic and dazzlingly coherent, Eminem descended into something of a rough patch.

He aimed his ire at George Bush and the War On Terror (Mosh), conflicts between fellow rappers (Like Toy Soldiers) and finally lapsed into some truly dreadful self-referential work that bordered on parody (Just Lose It, Without Me). After the tired efforts of the previous two LPs Encore and Relapse, surely the time is right for the comeback of the man who caused such a storm of controversy when he was turned loose on the mainstream consciousness?

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