INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Joshua Rigal (Little Brother Eli, Cold Tales)

By Marty Mulrooney

Little Brother Eli Cold Tales Interview

Little Brother Eli describe themselves as “a bluesy garage band who combine soulful blues grooves with hip hop and raw rock.” Alternative Magazine Online described their debut EP in 2013 as “arguably the best £2 you’ll spend on music in 2013” and interviewed the band’s bassist Joshua Rigal following the release of their wonderful second EP in 2015. Having closely followed their music from the very beginning, AMO is proud to present yet another exclusive online interview with Joshua, this time to discuss the band’s upcoming debut album!

Hi Josh, thank you for your time and welcome back to Alternative Magazine Online!

It’s great to be back!

What have you been up to since our interview in March last year?

I think last time we spoke we were just beginning to record our album (although we were keeping it on the down low at the time). Since then we’ve added a new member to our band: Tom Williams who plays lap steel! We’ve also been busy playing tons of gigs in the UK and abroad as well as working on new material.

The band’s upcoming debut album is called ‘Cold Tales’, which is also the name of the final track. Where did the name come from?

The name of the track, and subsequently the album, reflects the nature of the song and it’s lyrics “I feel the cold with folded arms…” We wanted to name the album after this track because it shows a more gently and possibly deeper side to the band – something we’re keen to explore in our next album…

Little Brother Eli Cold Tales

When’s the album due for release?

24th June with our album launch show on 25th June at The Bullingdon in Oxford.

How long have you been working on it?

It took just under a year to write. We have a really dedicated manager who pushed us to go back to the drawing board and write better songs time and time again. The result is something we’re really pleased with.

What’s your favourite track from the new album and why?

Probably Beautiful People – it really encapsulated what the band is all about through its energy. The song is also a crowd favourite when we play live!

Do you feel the band has evolved much since the release of the second EP last year?

Yeah our songwriting has definitely progressed! We’ve really grown into ourselves and discovered our sound.

Where was the upcoming debut album recorded?

It was done at Animal Farm Studios in London. We worked hard with our producer to really nail the sound we wanted.

For those new to your music, how would you describe Little Brother Eli?

A raucous mix of Bluesy Garage Rock infused with Hip Hop Beats.

Little Brother Eli Gig Dates June 2016

Will you be touring to promote the album?

We’re touring right now in the UK and we’ll be heading to Europe in September.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Frank Sinatra believe it or not. I have a stack of his vinyls and he’s been the soundtrack to my summer. He’s possibly one of the greatest singers of all time in my opinion.

What’s next for Little Brother Eli?

We’re already slogging away at new material for album number two! We can’t wait to put new songs into the live set.

Thank you for your time Josh!

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