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FEATURE ARTICLE – BLADERUNNING Some Reflections on Blade Runner ‘97

By Mark Benninghofen (Guest Writer, Voice Actor)


The internet’s really quite remarkable; it baffles me. This thing… this gelatinous, living thing that puts people together… matches them instantly on a common theme… exquisitely random… frighteningly specific. I graduated high school in 1979 so y’know… technologically… I’m in special ed; email though, I can deal with.

I get this email from Martin M about a month ago. He explains that he hosts/publishes/rules this happening internet thing and asks since I was the guy who did the video game Blade Runner like, 11,000 years ago… would I be available to chat about my experience? Martin’s a Brit, which sweetens any invitation; Martin’s also a class act. So… deal.

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Blade Runner: The Game Review (ACG)

By Marty Mulrooney


My latest review for www.adventureclassicgaming.com is now live!

Blade Runner (1997, PC) is a point and click adventure game based on the classic 1982 science fiction film of the same name. Created by Westwood Studios, players took control of ‘Blade Runner’ Roy McCoy, hunting down escaped replicants in 2019 Los Angeles. For fans of the film and adventure gamers in general this is still a must-buy. I recommend hunting down a copy!

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