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FILM REVIEW – Halo Legends, Part 1

By Stewie Sutherland

Legends dvd art

What do the Monopoly guy, Tears For Fears and Bungie have in common? They all want to rule the world of course, and Bungie is getting closer all the time. What started as a system release game, Halo has grown into one of the biggest franchises of our time. It is also bringing video games into every medium it can. You can now buy Halo toys and games, Halo novels, comics, and you can even wear Halo clothes while playing O.D.S.T. and waiting for the new Halo Reach to hit shelves. It therefore wasn’t very surprising to hear that there was going to be a series of anime/CGI films based on the franchise (the only surprise was that it took them this long!)

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