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FILM REVIEW – Predators

By Joseph Viney


Despite “Goooo! Get to da choppah!” becoming a part of the common nerd lexicon, the Predator franchise has always lagged behind its competitors. Series like Star Trek and Star Wars are (excuse the pun) in a completely different universe and so the main rival to the Predator series has been the Alien franchise. Unfortunately for the majority of us the battle between the two rivals was recently explored in the Alien vs. Predator movies, both of which can be fairly described as awful. And now in 2010 we have Predators.

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MUSIC REVIEW – Follow Your First Mind by Wilson T. King

By Marty Mulrooney


WIlson T. King may not be an artist that large amounts of music followers, specifically guitar fans, have heard of quite yet. At least, not loudly enough for my liking. But he’s getting there and I think that is all set to change. Coming from a background of being the chief writer and producer in numerous English indie bands, King has played the Blues for most of his life. His mission to share this often neglected genre with us in his debut album is a noble one. Luckily, he also has the guitar skills to see this vision through. Whether you are a fan of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck or Joe Bonamassa, you won’t want to miss Follow Your First Mind.

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