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FILM REVIEW – Predators

By Joseph Viney


Despite “Goooo! Get to da choppah!” becoming a part of the common nerd lexicon, the Predator franchise has always lagged behind its competitors. Series like Star Trek and Star Wars are (excuse the pun) in a completely different universe and so the main rival to the Predator series has been the Alien franchise. Unfortunately for the majority of us the battle between the two rivals was recently explored in the Alien vs. Predator movies, both of which can be fairly described as awful. And now in 2010 we have Predators.

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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Ethelmae (Stallone’s Unit Publicist) + FILM PREVIEW – The Expendables

By Marty Mulrooney


Alternative Magazine Online recently had the unique opportunity to speak to a lady who may just have the coolest job in the entire world: right now, she is Sylvester Stallone’s unit publicist! Not only that, but she has also worked with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger as well. Even cooler, the entire gang (plus some fresh additions) are back together for new old-school action movie The Expendables, written and directed by Sly himself, for a release later this year.

Known only as Ethelmae (or Marialascala on Twitter), she has recently found many fans of her own via her fantastic blog. This wasn’t enough for AMO though. We wanted to know so much more about Ethelmae and The Expendables… so we asked her directly!

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FILM REVIEW – Terminator Salvation

By Marty MulrooneyTerminator_4

After seeing Terminator Salvation last night, I was somewhat lost for words (unusual for me I can assure you.) The state I was in as I drove home was made up of both positives and negatives, all of which raced through my mind in some kind of self-loathing, fan-boyish frenzy.  As a long time fan of the Terminator franchise (not including the extremely disappointing T3), I had high hopes for the latest installment, against my better judgement.

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