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GAME REVIEW – The Inner World: Collector’s Edition (PC)

By Marty Mulrooney

The Inner World Collector's Edition

The Inner World is a German point-and-click adventure game created by the young and ambitious Studio Fizbin, published by Headup Games. In a universe of infinite soil, there exists a hollow world known as Asposia. The world’s air was once supplied by three wind fountains, but the wind gods – the Basylians – became angry and many of the Asposians were turned to stone. The fate of the world now lies in the hands – and flute-nose – of Robert, the young apprentice to Abbot Conroy. Watching over the last surviving wind fountain like a hawk, Conroy hasn’t been entirely truthful with Robert about his past. When Robert accidentally finds himself outside the palace, he quickly gets caught up in an adventure with a mysterious young girl named Laura that will settle the fate of Asposia, and the Asposians, forever…

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