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Edinburgh Game Symposium 2.0 (2014)

By Marty Mulrooney


In June 2014, some of the best games developers, games music composers and sound designers from around the world congregated in Edinburgh, Scotland for the Edinburgh Game Symposium 2.0. Alternative Magazine Online was lucky enough to attend the Game Design/Audio Panels and Games Festival on the first day, followed by a Video Game Music Concert performed by The Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra (EFMO) in the evening. Read on to find out more and watch some videos from the day!

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FILM REVIEW – The Illusionist

By Marty Mulrooney


The Illusionist is a new British-French animated film from acclaimed director Sylvain Chomet (Belleville Rendez-vous). The film centres around a travelling entertainer who befriends a young girl named Alice whilst performing in a small Scottish village during the late 1950’s. When he travels to Edinburgh in search of work she follows him, unaware that his magic is in fact just an illusion. The gifts he bestows upon her seem to have been conjured from thin air, but behind the scenes he is constantly scraping together as much money as possible so he can keep up the ruse, unwilling to break the spell.

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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Jan-Andrew Henderson (Award Winning Author And Founder Of Edinburgh Ghost Tour Company Black Hart Entertainment)

By Marty Mulrooney

janhendersonOn a recent holiday with my girlfriend in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), I went on a ghost tour that truly chilled me to the bone. The City Of The Dead Haunted Graveyard Tour seemed fun enough to begin with, but soon I was feeling icy cold, panicked and even thought somebody touched my neck! (Nobody was there, I checked!) Please bear in mind that I started the tour as a somewhat dubious participant!

The graveyard itself was spooky enough, but when our guide opened the gates to the Black Mausoleum at the rear of the site (closed off from the public due to random fainting supposedly caused by the Mackenzie Poltergeist) I immediately felt uneasy and quite spooked out!

I found the tour fascinating and even bought a book about the supernatural goings-on in the area by Jan-Andrew Henderson, the founder of the tour company (Black Hart Entertainment).

Just in time for Halloween, Alternative Magazine Online now has the great pleasure to speak to J. A. Henderson directly, and find out some more about the tours that the Sunday Times recommended in their review as:

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