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GAME PREVIEW – Transformers: War For Cybertron (All Platforms)

By Stewie Sutherland


If there’s a franchise that’s been retold over and over again it’s the story of the Transformers. In their 25 year lifespan they’ve had stories of beast wars and machine battles on Earth and in space. One series may have heroic leader Optimus Prime take the form of a semi-trailer fighting a planet-sized villain and in the next he’ll be a fire truck that combines with his tough-guy brother Ultra Magnus. He’s been a big gorilla that’s played King Kong with T-rex Megatron and won time and time again, and recently he’s returned to the silver screen to tear bad guys apart and draw attention away from Megan Fox’s lacklustre acting.

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FILM REVIEW – Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

By Marty Mulrooneytransformers-revenge-of-the-fallen

I am all for dumb, leave-your-brain-at the door cinema. No doubt about it, explosions and robots make me happy on some primal, base level. But this time, director Michael Bay has gone too far. Reverting back to what I can only imagine as a state of extreme teenage puberty, Bay has successfully managed here to create what ultimately amounts to two and a half hours of vigorously ejaculating male fantasy on screen, with total disregard for any of the usual, apparently needless stuff, that would stand in the way of his vision, like, oh I don’t know… a story perhaps? Continue reading


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