INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Isa And (Ivy Davis, Downfall: Redux)

By Marty Mulrooney

Isa And Interview

Alternative Magazine Online’s recent review of Downfall: Redux was quickly followed by exclusive online interviews with Remigiusz Michalski (the game’s creator), Tina Beaudry (the voice of Agnes) and Jesse Gunn (the voice of Joe Davis). Today, AMO is proud to present another exclusive online interview – this time with Isa And, the voice of Ivy Davis!


Hi Isa, thank you for your time and welcome to Alternative Magazine Online!

Hello! No problem at all, it’s my pleasure.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself please?

Well, I’m 23-year-old barber from Finland! In my free time I have been making YouTube videos for over 3 years now on my YouTube channel Chisaleya. I have also been doing some voice acting quite a lot recently and I freaking love it.

The Cat Lady

How did you first discover the games of Remigiusz Michalski?

The first game I encountered was The Cat Lady, I saw some YouTubers play this game and I fell in love with it. So I decided to do my own gameplay videos of it. After that I found Downfall and made gameplay videos of it too.

What do you like about his games, and adventure games in general?

I loved that The Cat Lady showed a lot of people what depression is like and how some people are experiencing it. I personally dealt with depression for about 5 years when I was a teenager. So playing The Cat Lady was really hard and emotional for me on many levels.

Not many games get so deep under my skin and that itself is a great accomplishment for a game. Adventure games are my favourite, I love a game that is really story driven but I usually tend to suck at puzzles. I get frustrated easily and sometimes end up looking for walkthroughs, haha. But thankfully Downfall remake’s puzzles were somewhat easy.

As you mentioned, you’ve had a successful YouTube channel (Chisaleya) for a number of years where you post your playthroughs of various video games, including The Cat Lady and Downfall! Is this how Rem first discovered you?

Aww, thank you! Yes, that is the way Rem found me.

Downfall: Redux was recently released and you voice the character of Ivy, the wife of Joe Davis. How did you get the part?

Rem started commenting on my gameplay videos of his games and I was shocked by it. And when I finally got to play Downfall, I read the dialogue with some emotions to make the gameplay more interesting and Rem liked the way I was “voice acting” Ivy. One day I checked my YouTube messages and Rem asked me to voice act Ivy Davis in his remake of Downfall and I literally cried for hours because I was so surprised and happy about that. One of the greatest moments in my life, haha.

screenshot 2

How would you describe Ivy as a character?

Ivy is a lovely girl who is suffering from anorexia. She is a lovable character and that is why Joe fell in love with her. She is really emotional and she has dark and disturbing visions from time to time. She needs help and that’s what Joe is desperately trying to do. She loves cats just like I do and to my surprise she is from Sweden, from my neighbour country. Thank god, now I can say that my accent is acceptable since her first language isn’t English either.

I thought you did a great job! Was it difficult to voice such an unstable character?

Thank you so much! This might be weird but it wasn’t that difficult for me. The reasons why I usually get voice acting jobs is because I’m not afraid to shout or go full batshit crazy. But the most difficult part was when Ivy was finally opening up to Joe about her eating disorder, I started crying when I was doing that part. It was horrible, she was so vulnerable and scared of Joe’s reaction and the hardest part is always to admit your problems and actually saying it out loud.

I think my boyfriend had it rough though, he was sometimes present when I was recording Ivy’s lines and it’s hard to hear your own girlfriend say all those things even if it is only acting.

Was this your first voice acting role?

Kinda, a few weeks after Rem asked me to be Ivy, my friend Joonas Turner asked me to voice act as Nuclear Throne’s character Rebel and we recorded her voices before I started to record Ivy’s lines. So Rem was the first one to ask me to be a voice actress. But now I’ve already voice acted in over 9 different games and there is more coming, I can’t wait!

How did the recording process work and how did you find the experience?

Oh god, I recorded at my own apartment and I think my neighbours think that I’m crazy! I had my own Blue Yeti microphone at first when I started recording the lines.

The later lines were recorded with a better microphone that my boyfriend owns. That’s why there is a change of audio quality and I’m really sorry about that. Recording crazy Ives at my apartment building wasn’t easy but I managed to get through.

screenshot 11

What did you think of the finished game?

Since I’ve had played the first Downfall game, the characters were familiar and all I could was to compare these two games. The game itself was really pretty compared to the original game, even though I liked the almost painted looking graphics. I was happy that there was more of Ivy and people wanted to actually save her. I think the decision to go more like The Cat Lady type of gameplay was a great idea.

I also loved to see some other YouTubers in the game as well especially Cryaotic, I’m a big fan, haha. Cat Lady is a more self explained game, you know what’s happening but Downfall is a more cryptic game, the ending makes many people confused and I have to say even I am sometimes confused when I try to explain the story. But overall I liked Downfall remake a lot, it was emotional and sometimes really creepy, so go and play it right now!

Do you think Joe Davis really loved Ivy?

I think he did, in his own weird way. Most of the time he was way too obsessed to be the one to save Ives. He needs Ivy and he will NOT let her go.


Would you like to work with Remigiusz Michalski again in the future?

I’d love to. It would be a great honour to work with him again!

What’s next for you Isa?

I shall continue with my YouTube channel,  I need to start streaming on Twitch more. Also I want to get more voice acting experience under my belt.

I can’t wait to hear my voice acting in Fara & the Eye of Darkness and Bleed 2 as they are not released yet!

Thank you for your time! I thought you were great as Ivy and I’ll look forward to seeing what you do next!

No problem at all! Thank you for giving me this experience, I have never been interviewed before!


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3 responses to “INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Isa And (Ivy Davis, Downfall: Redux)

  1. Marcio Roberto

    She was absolutely great, so much emotion and so much… Real.
    How about to interview Linsey? She is so good, too! And others like Brittany and Margaret!

    • Thanks for commenting! That’s all for now with AMO’s Downfall interviews, but as always I’ll be keeping a close eye on what Remigiusz Michalski does next. Stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Kati

    ❤ My little baby ❤ is the best ❤ 🙂

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