INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Russ Bain (Rodrik Forrester, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series)

By Marty Mulrooney


Alternative Magazine Online recently reviewed Game of Thrones: Episode 4 – Sons of Winter, calling it “the best [episode] released in the series to date” and describing how “Russ Bain gives the stormy role [of Rodrik Forrester] his all and as a result, you’ll be on edge whenever a quick decision must be made.” AMO is therefore proud to present an exclusive online interview with the voice of Rodrik Forrester, Lord of Ironrath!


Hello Mr Bain, thank you for your time and welcome to Alternative Magazine Online!

Hi. Thanks for having me.

Can you tell AMO’s readers a little bit about yourself please?

I’m a Scottish born actor currently living in London and LA. I love Arsenal Football Club and I’d like a dog.

How did you first get into acting/voice acting?

Acting started by accident, not really a plan. I never really know how I end up doing something. Lots of little choices along the way, no big plan. Same for voice work. Bit of luck perhaps as it’s a cool job!

Where might AMO’s readers have seen you before?

Earlier this year I was in the Power/Rangers short that went viral.

You’re currently voicing Rodrik Forrester in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. How did you become involved with this project?

I auditioned, like you do for lots of projects. I forgot all about it until I got the call some weeks later. It was something I really wanted to be involved in so I was delighted.


How would you describe Rodrik Forrester?

I think he’s got an incredibly sexy voice!! And I guess he’s quite a noble guy too. He’s nobody’s fool that’s for sure.

Were you already a fan of the books or the television show before working on this video game?

My good friend plays the White Walker in the show so I started it when he got that part.

Russ Bain in the recording studio with voice and casting director Arthur von Nagel and Amy Pemberton (the voice of Elaena Glenmore)

Russ Bain in the recording studio with voice and casting director Arthur von Nagel and Amy Pemberton (the voice of Elaena Glenmore)

What has it been like working with Telltale Games?

Absolutely brilliant. Arthur von Nagel directs me quite a lot and he’s great.

How does the recording process work?

Fortunately we don’t rush too much. Usually there’s one or two people on the line and I’m in a booth in LA or London. We get to talk about the scenes quite a bit before recording. It’s very free, they allow the actors to create a bit which is nice.

Russ Bain (Rodrik Forrester) and Amy Pemberton (Elaena Glenmore) in the recording studio

Russ Bain (Rodrik Forrester) and Amy Pemberton (Elaena Glenmore) in the recording studio

Do you record all of your lines separately to the other voice actors, or do you ever get to record alongside them?

I recorded with Amy Pemberton (Elaena) recently but usually its individual.

Have you done any recording yet for the final episodes?

Can’t say!

Russ Bain on the set of Power/Rangers

Russ Bain on the set of Power/Rangers

Telltale Games always give the player a choice about how they want to play – does this make it difficult sometimes to put yourself in Rodrik’s shoes when recording different lines for different situations and outcomes?

No, that’s actually the fun part. I like that there are two Rodriks in some scenarios!

Are you a gamer yourself – and have you been playing Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series?

I have only played a little. I had to ban myself from games since I lost six months to Red Dead Redemption.

If you were Rodrik, would you fight more with your sword or your brain?

My brain.


Would you like to work again with Telltale Games in the future?

I hope I will yeah. It’s a lot of fun and they’re very nice people to work with. We have a laugh.

What’s next for you Mr Bain?

I’m appearing in TUT – a mini-series starring Sir Ben Kingsley – and I’m working on another game.

Thank you for your time – I can’t wait to hear your performance in the final two episodes!


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