GAME NEWS – Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse Funded – Stretch Goals Announced

By Marty Mulrooney


The recently announced Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter yesterday reached its funding goal of $400,000 after just two short weeks. The project currently has over $430,000 pledged, with over 8,000 backers and over 9,000 comments. To celebrate, Revolution Software has announced ‘stretch goals’ that prove when it comes to adventure game fans, the steel sky is the limit…

BS5_RevNewsSideWebNot only does the Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter give fans the chance to get their hands on some exclusive goodies – including a boxed special edition of the game and backer t-shirts – it also allows them to interact with their fellow fans, as well as the creators of the game. Revolution Software co-founder Tony Warriner is a regular commenter and George Stobbart voice actor Rolf Saxon has popped online several times, dealing with overwhelming requests for autographs from excited fans with equal amounts of charm and warmth.

Charles Cecil today expressed his gratitude to the fans on the Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter page:

“Guys – we have been absolutely blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of you all, and the generosity of your pledges. Thank you so much.

Up to now, we have funded ‘Broken Sword: the Serpent’s Curse’ from sales of our previous games. But from here the only way we could finish the game was with all your help. That’s why we are so incredibly pleased to have hit our Kickstarter goal. We have high ambitions for this game – to make the best Broken Sword yet – but with you helping us hit the stretch goals then our ambitions will be raised higher still!

So – thanks again. It is a huge privilege to have your extraordinary support.”

The handy infographic provided below explains the new ‘stretch goals – $1,000,000 will see ‘Beneath a Steel Sky 2’ being greenlit!


More detailed information about each stretch goal can be found here.

For more information and to pledge your support for Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, please visit:


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