BOOK NEWS – James Cameron’s Titanic Re-release

Titan Books have reprinted the official James Cameron’s Titanic book to preempt the 3D release of the film and the centenary of the ship’s sinking. Initially published 15 years ago and written by Hollywood Screen-writer Ed Marsh, the bestselling book has been re-released with a 3D lenticular cover and 18 pages of new material. Read on to find out more and view a gallery of images provided by our friends at Titan Books!

James Cameron’s Titanic, out now, £16.99. New material includes:

  • A heartfelt new introduction from James Cameron
  • Never-before-seen images from the film studio and from James Cameron’s personal archive
  • Behind-the-scenes stories from Cameron himself detailing the concept art and making of the original film
  • A revelatory look at the technical process of transforming original film into dynamic 3D prints
  • Quotes from Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio discussing the film’s impact on their personal development and their professional lives

© 1997 Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures

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