GAME REVIEW – Machinarium: Collector’s Edition

By Marty Mulrooney


If you still haven’t played last year’s surprise indie point ‘n’ click success Machinarium, shame on you! As detailed in my review, it is a wonderful little game that deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible. Furthermore, there is now absolutely no excuse for not adding this adventure to your collection: for those of you still adverse to digital downloads, Amanita Design have teamed up with Mamba Lace Global to offer a retail version of the game. Not only that, but it comes bundled with an impressive collection of additional goodies making it seriously good value for money!

  • The game itself comes on a DVD compatible with both PC and Mac. Early batches had a fault with this feature but rest assured this has now been fully resolved.
  • As I said in my review: “The story begins with our protagonist, a little robot with a big heart, who is literally dumped in several different pieces outside the city where he lives. Taking control, the player must put themselves back together before journeying home to save their lady robot friend (and defeating the bad guys, who have planted a bomb!) The story is very simple but ultimately very satisfying.”
  • The game disk has some surprising extras when explored, including the entire soundtrack in FLAC/MP3 format and a ‘Bonus EP’ album with five additional songs.
  • The aforementioned music also comes on its own separate audio CD, ready to be played in your Hi-Fi or car CD player. It is a wonderful soundtrack that is definitely worth revisiting once the game is over.
  • The included full colour poster is massive, highlighting the wonderful graphics and artwork of the game. It would make a great addition to the wall of any Machinarium fan!
  • The included concept art is also fantastic, but sadly resides on the back of the poster. This was of course done to save money, but I cannot help but feel that it is a design flaw that limits the usability of the poster as a result. You can see some of this artwork in our exclusive interview with Machinarium creator Jakub Dvorský. The written intro also has some missing punctuation/spelling mistakes and the system requirements on the back of the box has some typos too.
  • The full colour printed walkthrough is a beautiful recreation of the unlockable visual clues taken directly from the game itself. My only problem with this addition is that it often features a lot of fabricated robot writing, which could have been substituted with a traditionally written English language walkthrough to make things clearer and better compliment the visual storyboard-style clues.
  • Finally, the entire package is housed in a shiny foil slipcase that looks very classy. Sadly, my copy is already starting to peel slightly at the edges (foil parting with paper) so it might not be quite as durable as a conventional slipcase would be.

Overall, Machinarium: Collector’s Edition proves to be a fantastic offering for both established fans and newcomers alike. Although it is slightly let down by some poor design choices, let’s be honest, a bargain is still a bargain. Although the RRP in the UK is £19.99, I have seen this sold for as little as £10! So what are you waiting for? Whether purchased digitally or on physical disk, every gamer should experience this wonderful indie gem!

9 OUT OF 10

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