Killzone 2: Alternative thoughts

By Marty Mulrooney


Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 is graphically so far ahead of anything else that it is almost shocking. It has also been receiving rave reviews left, right and center. After completing the game twice, and having a good crack at the online multiplayer, I have decided to offer some thoughts on the game. I must start by saying I have enjoyed my time with it, and it was worth the money I paid. However, I feel it has been thoroughly over-praised.

My reasons for this are as follows:

  • Upon release, the aiming was broken. Now, I know from various forums that this has been argued/ constantly disputed. All I can offer is my own personal experience. When aiming down the sights, I seldom got a head-shot during my first playthrough. I messed around with the sensitivity constantly to no avail. A patch was released… and suddenly I am finding aiming just like Call of Duty 4, or any other console FPS I have played successfully in the past, with head-shots coming far more easily. If the aiming wasn’t broken, how come it was patched? And before anybody says something along the lines of  ‘you just took some time to get used to the controls’, it wasn’t a  simple case of  practice makes perfect. It was literally a patch was issued and then my accuracy shot up.
  • The graphics are beautiful… but the environments are completely bland. I was somewhat disappointed that there was no variation in location throughout the game. Drab, dark, dull locations prevailed and I needed something new to grab my attention.  A lush forest, water I could actually wade into without an invisible wall stopping me… ANYTHING apart from the constant concrete courtyards and tight corridors.
  • Storyline: almost non-existent. I couldn’t tell you the name of the guy I played… seriously. Or any of the other characters… apart from the Helgast enemies. The fact I never played the original game also made me wonder why the hell I was invading the Helgast planet in the first place. I felt like the bad guy almost!
  • Bad script: the dialogue is awful in this game. They had every opportunity to make the idea of being in an elite squad kick-ass… and they didn’t bother. Somebody dies (whose name I don’t even remember.) The main character (whats his name again? I think it was Sev? Not sure) is torn up over it… and I don’t even care. THAT’S bad writing.
  • The view is too low down. Don’t believe me? Go stand next to a non-player character, and look straight ahead… at his stomach. The character you play is a midget. Funny at first, but actually really annoying once you notice it, especially since in cut-scenes your character is the typical 6 foot tall space marine and not a dwarf.

Still, this is a good game that graphically cannot be faulted. Sadly, I can not call it a classic due to the above faults. I would certainly take a good, well written story and well-developed characters over all the technical razzmatazz on display here any day of the week.  Sadly, I think many PS3 gamers simply wanted a Halo-killer, and will not admit any of this game’s faults. I wonder if any other PS3 gamers agree with me?

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