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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Guy “Yug” Blomberg, Co-creator / Founder of Mana Bar

By Stewie SutherlandThe Mana Bar

There’s nothing better than going to your favourite club, is there? The atmosphere is golden, the patrons are familiar and when it’s your friend’s shout you can just tell them “the usual” and know what you’ll be getting. Now imagine if you could have the same thing, only with Xbox 360’s and Nintendo Wii’s replacing the usual spirits and ales. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It was this slick, outside-the-box idea that created Mana Bar, soon to be Australia’s first video game bar set in the city of Brisbane, the Sunshine State.  Despite being hard at work getting everything ready for it’s opening, Mana Bar’s Guy “Yug” Blomberg kindly granted AMO an interview to talk about this awesome new concept…

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