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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Merlin Crossingham, Lead Animator At Aardman Animation

By Marty Mulrooney


Aardman_Logo_pvThis interview was originally published within the print version of Alternative Magazine Online, going towards my media degree (on my 21st Birthday actually, January 09). Since then, Aardman (who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary!) have kindly given me permission to reproduce the interview in full on Alternative Magazine Online’s  rapidly growing site. I hope you enjoy it!

One thing that Alternative learnt during it’s pursuit of an interview with an Aardman employee, was this: they are always busy. But we persevered, and that is how this interview came to fruition. The fact it is conducted via mobile phone whilst the interviewee is on a train only further drives home our point, but we think the results were worthwhile.

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FILM REVIEW – Fantastic Mr Fox

By Marty Mulrooney


It is pretty safe to say that Roald Dahl was one of the authors that sold me on reading as a young boy. Fans of Dahl will also undoubtedly know of Quentin Blake, an artist who was brilliant at perfectly capturing what Dahl had written with his superb illustrations. It was, and still very much is, a match made in heaven. A quite British match made in heaven. Continue reading


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