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By Marty Mulrooney


Gravity is a science fiction action thriller/drama directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men). Sandra Bullock stars as Dr. Ryan Stone, a mission specialist who finds herself lost in space after the mid-orbit destruction of the Space Shuttle Explorer. With oxygen running out and a deadly chain reaction of space debris orbiting every 90 minutes, Dr. Stone must work with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) to overcome extreme adversity and return to Earth.

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GAME REVIEW – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii)

By Stewart Sutherland


Super Mario Galaxy is the number one game on Nintendo Wii. Case closed. But did you know that when it was released, a lot of ideas were left out of the final product? Initially, the developers decided to gather these extra areas and galaxies and re-release the original as Super Mario Galaxy 1.5, one year later. Yet it turned out the entire production team had their own ideas for galaxies, worlds, items and areas. Eventually, the release date was pushed back a full two and a half years and these ideas gave birth to a brand new title: Super Mario Galaxy 2. Finally, the sequel to the greatest Wii game ever has arrived in 2010. But does it have the same chemistry that made the original game the best on the system?

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