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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Ben H. Winters (Author, Underground Airlines)

By Marty Mulrooney


Alternative Magazine Online reviewed alternative history/speculative fiction novel Underground Airlines in June 2016, describing it as “a powerful, often uncomfortable novel that isn’t always easy to read, but is never anything less than utterly engrossing.” Written by the award-winning author of the Last Policeman trilogy (The Last Policeman, Countdown City, World of Trouble), Underground Airlines is set in the present day with one key difference to the world as we know it – slavery still exists. It’s yet another bold and exciting premise from a hugely talented storyteller. AMO is therefore proud to present an exclusive online interview (following our previous interviews in 2012, 2013 and 2015) with Ben H. Winters!

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FILM REVIEW – The Blind Side

By Joseph Viney


Improbability and racial guilt are two very powerful elements and both of them are ladled into the mix heavily in this surprising addition to the pantheon of recent Oscar winning films.

The Blind Side is based on a true story but there is such a suspension of disbelief in some scenes you have to wonder whether Hollywood has weaved its perverse brand of revisionism into the film’s fabric, or if the producers were duped by those upon whom the story is based.

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