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GAME REVIEW – Tales Of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 ‘The Siege Of Spinner Cay’

By Marty Mulrooney

Spinner Cay Swordfight

After the euphoria that came along with the realisation that NEW Monkey Island games were being made started to wear off, I began to panic. Perhaps my review of Narwhal had been over generous? Perhaps the only way forward from there on was downwards. After all, there is a lot riding on this new series of games, not just for the future of the franchise, but perhaps for the future of the genre. Luckily, although there are some minor hick-ups in the second chapter of Tales Of Monkey Island, it largely builds on the strengths of the past episode. In fact, it served to remind me exactly why my review for Chapter 1 was justified in it’s praise: Monkey Island is back, and it is never less than a pleasure to watch Guybrush in his latest crazy adventure, doing what he does best… and some other stuff he sucks at! Continue reading

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