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BOOK REVIEW – Driven by James Sallis

By Marty Mulrooney

Driven James Sallis

Driven is an American crime novel written by James Sallis. It is the sequel to his 2005 novel Drive, which was recently made into a critically acclaimed major motion picture starring Ryan Gosling. Shifting location from L.A. to Phoenix, the story picks up seven years after Driver finished his revenge spree against those who double-crossed him. Now calling himself Paul West and running a successful business, he is suddenly drawn back into the life of violence he thought he had left behind when his fiancée is brutally murdered on a hot Saturday morning.

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GAME REVIEW – Commandos: Ammo Pack (1998/1999)

By Stewie Sutherland


One of the few games my PC could run back in school, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and its update, Beyond The Call Of Duty (combined, they make the Commandos: Ammo Pack) were the thinking man’s distraction. A top-down view of a scene set in WWII, players had to plan a sharp, precise strategy to complete the objective of a team of Commandos. Easier said than done, when the scenes were crawling with enemy soldiers who were watching and listening for the slightest signs of trouble. Rushing in head first with guns blazing was a sure way to get killed, too.


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