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GAME REVIEW – Eufloria (Version 2.05)

By Marty Mulrooney


Eufloria (formerly known as Dyson) is a real-time PC strategy game created by indie developers Alex May and Rudolf Kremers, with music by Brian Grainger. Taking control of multiple ‘seedlings’, players must advance through space one asteroid at a time, fighting enemies, planting ‘Dyson’ trees and building up a powerful, colourful army. Eufloria is available from various online digital distribution outlets.

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GAME REVIEW – Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (PC)

By Joseph Viney


Command & Conquer 4, if the developers are to be believed, is the last in the long and drawn out ‘Tiberian Saga’. Is the story of NOD vs. GDI waging war over the mysterious energising green substance speeding to a satisfactory conclusion? Or is it stuttering towards the end with the maniacal bald-headed Kane waving his arms around and using quasi-religious metaphors unnecessarily?

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GAME REVIEW – Commandos: Ammo Pack (1998/1999)

By Stewie Sutherland


One of the few games my PC could run back in school, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and its update, Beyond The Call Of Duty (combined, they make the Commandos: Ammo Pack) were the thinking man’s distraction. A top-down view of a scene set in WWII, players had to plan a sharp, precise strategy to complete the objective of a team of Commandos. Easier said than done, when the scenes were crawling with enemy soldiers who were watching and listening for the slightest signs of trouble. Rushing in head first with guns blazing was a sure way to get killed, too.


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