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BOOK REVIEW – Defender by G X Todd

By Marty Mulrooney

Defender by G X Todd

Defender is the debut novel – the first of a planned four-part series – of British author G X Todd, a thirty-four year-old librarian from the West Midlands. Published today in the UK (12th January 2017) by Headline, it is set in a future where the majority of the population has gone insane due to the ‘voices’ in their heads. Following an unprecedented number of suicides and murders, the survivors have scattered across an American landscape gone to ruin. As the story begins, a young girl sits on the dusty roadside of this post-apocalyptic nightmare trying to sell homemade lemonade. She needs a ride. After days without luck, she’s close to giving up. Then a man with a gun comes along on a motorcycle and the voice inside his head suggests he should stop for a drink…

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