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FILM REVIEW – Halo Legends, Part 2

By Stewie Sutherland


Released worldwide on both DVD and Blu-ray, Halo Legends takes one of the most popular franchises of our time and spins seven short films about it. It goes without saying that in something like a war for survival, there are many interesting stories to tell. When that war for survival is scattered across colonies, planets, star systems, space stations, artificial constructs and alien worlds, you get an appreciation of just how many of those stories are out there. 343 Studios and Warner Brothers intend to bring new and old fans of the Halo series a handful of those tales to their living rooms.

Last month, AMO reviewed the first half of this set, which had been already previewed to the public on Xbox Live. Now, we complete it by reviewing the other four films and the Blu-ray release of this compilation.

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