GAME NEWS – Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer

By Marty Mulrooney

Earlier today, our friends at Rockstar Games kindly unveiled the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto V – 60 seconds of pure video game bliss filled with breathtaking beauty, excitement and fun. You’ll find the trailer below, along with another AMO screenshot dissection… roll on 17th September!


For those who want to know what that awesome song is – it’s ‘Sleepwalking’ by Chain Gang of 1974. Discovering the music of the Grand Theft Auto series has always been just as enjoyable as exploring the games themselves!


AMO is guessing that this character will be providing some high-tech gear for the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V – he looks like a techy type of guy! We wonder what his name is… and will he make it to the end of the game alive?


We already know this is going to be the biggest Grand Theft Auto game yet – but just how far will you be able to fly? This game is going to take months and months to fully explore.


From the previous trailer, we know that extra crew members can be hired to pull bank heists. Could this be a way for Rockstar to bring back our favourite characters from the previous games? The guy on the left covering his face looks awfully familiar…


Stealing cars will return! Was there ever any doubt? It remains to be seen how the game will handle players keeping hold of their kitted-out rides if they blow them up. Perhaps they’ll respawn at the nearest safe house? It also looks like the weather system will be a lot more robust, and beautiful too.


What better way to spend a rainy evening (both in-game and in real life as the winter months fast approach) than a high-speed car chase with a three star wanted level?


Is that a bathysphere?! It looks like Rockstar wasn’t joking about the ocean being fully explorable! It remains to be seen how this vehicle will control – those search lights will sure come in handy when travelling through the ocean’s murky depths!


Skydiving at night shows off the expansive, sprawling beauty of a twinkling Los Santos. It’s an adrenaline rush just watching this sequence – imagine when you have the controller in your hands!


It looks like the gritty realism of Grand Theft Auto IV has been balanced out with scenes of wanton mass destruction – could this be the first Grand Theft Auto where combat is as much fun as driving?


Group hugs are still yet to be confirmed…


AMO spies, with its little eye, something beginning with… TANK! Oh, and inverted rainbows. The current console generation looks set to go out with an almighty bang – have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

What did you think? Did you notice anything we missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, don’t forget to follow AMO on Twitter and Facebook!

GAME NEWS – Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2
GAME NEWS – Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

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