GAME NEWS – Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

By Marty Mulrooney

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer

Our friends at Rockstar Games have kindly informed us that their latest Grand Theft Auto V trailer – just under five minutes long and featuring actual gameplay! – is now available online for your viewing pleasure. You’ll find the embedded video, along with AMO’s thoughts, below.

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_1

Almost immediately, Rockstar treat us to a breathtaking shot of one of the main characters scuba diving near some underwater wreckage. The ocean isn’t going to just be filler in Grand Theft Auto V – it will be an explorable space filled with as much attention to detail as the mainland. Just make sure to watch out for sharks!

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_2

Flying looks like it’s going to be a lot more responsive and fun in Grand Theft Auto V. In a game world that’s bigger than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption combined, getting around fast is going to be important. No more boring train rides!

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_3

Boats look a lot more nippy and fun to control too. Have you noticed how gorgeous the graphics look yet?!

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_4

We can’t wait to parachute/drive/jump off the top of this mountain! The scope of Grand Theft Auto V is absolutely insane… this isn’t going to be a game you’ll be able to finish within a week.

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_5

Like last year’s Far Cry 3, it looks like Grand Theft Auto V is going to have a thriving ecosystem. You can even go hunting… or become the hunted?

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_6

Rockstar promises the sublime and the ridiculous – has the series finally managed to get back its winning sense of humour?

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_7

Fans of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas won’t be disappointed with Franklin’s campaign… OH MY GOD A DOGGIE!

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_8

Players will be able to swap between Michael, Franklin and Trevor on the fly – during the mission shown in the trailer, Michael says he needs backup. Swapping to Franklin quickly zooms out…

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_9

…and you’re immediately providing cover fire with a high-powered sniper rifle! Booyah! This mechanic is no doubt going to give missions immense variety, diversity and high replay value. It also looks like each character will have their own stats which can be improved through undertaking various activities – another nod to San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_10

The three main characters will go about their lives even when you’re not controlling them – and you can drop in on them at any moment to see what they’re up to, Google Maps style. The effect reminds AMO of the underrated Driver: San Francisco… but much, much cooler.

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_11

Customisation options are extensive and will further allow you to tailor your experience – from the cars the characters drive, to the clothes they wear, to the tattoos they ink on their bodies.

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_12

It also looks like the mini-games – including bike riding, tennis and golf – will actually be fun this time! No more crappy bowling or playing darts…

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_13

The shooting looks as easy to handle as the driving. Could this be the first Grand Theft Auto game with satisfying gun fights? It looks like the controls have taken a leaf out of Max Payne 3’s book. Rockstar claim that there has been a huge focus on mechanics, to make every aspect as fun and fluid as it is broad. We believe them!

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_14

The driving has to be seen in motion to be fully appreciated. It looks fast, furious and far more responsive when compared to Grand Theft Auto IV. The night-time visuals are gorgeous!

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_15

The Michael Mann inspired heist in Grand Theft Auto IV was the game’s best mission – in Grand Theft Auto V, heists must be planned ahead, increasing player involvement and satisfaction. Will you be going in smart, or loud and dumb? Furthermore, what will you spend the cash on – stocks or real-estate?

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_16

There aren’t enough superlatives in the world to describe how much fun the driving looks – racing into oncoming traffic should easily get the heart racing!

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer_17

And then, there’s Grand Theft Auto Online. Holy. Sh*t.

This new Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer completely blew us away! What did you think? Did you notice anything we missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, don’t forget to follow AMO on Twitter and Facebook!


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5 responses to “GAME NEWS – Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

  1. Great roundup – it really does look fantastic and like it’s also going to play fantastic too. Had this pre-ordered for a while – everything looks like it’s a decent investment!

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