TV REVIEW – Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 Episode 2

By Marty Mulrooney


*Warning! Due to the nature of the show, this review may contain mild spoilers.*

Episode 2: Vehicular Fellatio

Aired last night in the UK, episode 2 of Curb Your Enthusiasm season 7 has proven that episode 1 was no fluke… the funniest show on television is back! Sure, I may be as juvenile as Larry David (I giggle just saying the episode title of this one!) but the comedy of the show is anything but.

As always, the show has taken basic things that people may have experienced in their daily life, such as vacuum packaged gifts that you cannot get open (entombed in plastic!),and turned them into their worst case scenarios with reckless abandon. (If you have experienced the episode title, then you may not be so proud after this episode let me tell you! Kills more people than cell phones! Oh and by the way you are one lucky sonofa… ahem… anyway!)

Hearing Larry scream into a friends face how he did not want semen on his lips is so brazen and bizarre that you will not know whether to laugh or feel mortified! The clever thing about the show is that not even the seemingly throwaway moments are unimportant. The way everything ties in at the end of every episode is highly skillful and hugely impressive, and episode 2 of season 7 is no exception.

What is even better is that the minor characters, from Larry’s new cancer doctor he hires in the hope of getting rid of Loretta, to excess baggage Leon Black, are all as effortlessly funny as the consistently excellent leads such as Susie and Jeff. It is strange to say it, because I hate shows that go on forever… but sometimes, I wish Curb Your Enthusiasm would! If you haven’t seen it before, what are you waiting for? Long time fans… congratulations, you may be watching one of the best series of the show yet! I cannot wait until episode 3!

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  1. Marty Mulrooney

    Mighty Boosh doesn’t do anything for me I am afraid! If we are talking purely British comedy, to me Peep Show reigns king at the moment… I have never seen a dud episode yet.

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