INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Alternative Magazine Online (A Radio Chat With DJ Pete Price)

By Marty Mulrooney


On the 20th August 2009, Alternative Magazine Online owner Martin Mulrooney had the great pleasure of chatting to DJ Pete Price on local radio show City Talk (105.9FM.) His show that evening was all about discussing films past and present, providing a great chance for the website to not only get some free publicity, but for Marty to talk about some of his own cinematic favourites!

Pete asked some excellent questions, with the films mentioned ranging from the classic thriller Jaws, to the cult following of Blade Runner, to the recently released masterpiece (in this writer’s humble opinion) known as Moon, directed by Duncan Jones (review coming soon!)

We hope you enjoy our very first audio related post! Please note, this has only been edited in one way from the original broadcast; Marty has went through and cut out as many ‘erms’ as he could find! (Editor’s Note: I didn’t even realise how much I said ‘erm’ until I listened to the recording afterwards!)

Direct access to the file is available here. (Right click and ‘Save Link As…’ to download)

Any feedback on the topics covered in this ‘erm-less’ audio post are welcomed in the comments section!

(Special thanks to radio producer Craig Boardman for setting up the conversation and making sure it all went to plan!)


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4 responses to “INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Alternative Magazine Online (A Radio Chat With DJ Pete Price)

  1. Nice interview, Martin. Blade Runner is also one of my favourite films. But i guess that’s not something very original to say. 😉

    • Marty Mulrooney

      Hey, no need to be original! Any praise of Blade Runner whatsoever is more than welcome on my site! 😛

  2. Yeah, other good movies with Hauer in prominent roles are Ladyhawke and Flesh & blood (I think the title was).

  3. Phil

    Hi, nice interview Martin! But you are wrong Blazing Saddles is the best not Blade Runner!

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