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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Marc Zicree (Space Command)

By Marty Mulrooney

Marc Zicree Interview

Marc Scott Zicree is an award-winning writer/producer/director whose credits include such prestigious science fiction television shows as Star Trek – The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5 and Sliders. He is also the author of The Twilight Zone Companion. Marc was recently kind enough to join AMO for an exclusive online interview where we discussed his latest project – Space Command.

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GAME PREVIEW – Star Trek Online (Open Beta, PC)

By Duncan Voice

USS Morning Glory

Perhaps it’s somewhat sacrilegious to mention in the opening paragraph of a Star Trek Online article, but I’m a huge Star Wars nerd. I’ve got the Force FX lightsabers, a hundred and one action figures from the 1980’s, a good number of t-shirts (totally cool in a retro way of course), and I want to karate chop Jar Jar Binks right on the tongue.

I know about the various ‘cult’ aspects of Star Trek, like ‘phasers set to stun’, Leonard Nimoy, and Mr. Scott beaming people up and all that but I’d never actually sat down and watched anything to do with it until I picked up the awesome J.J Abrams film on DVD a few weeks ago. I’m still a Star Wars chap through and through, but I have felt some nerdy urges towards Star Trek recently.

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