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GAME REVIEW – ‘Splosion Man

By Duncan Voice


Gaming droughts, rain, tennis, annoying cider adverts, sweating to death on the London Underground. British summers leave a lot to be desired but thankfully Microsoft, with its much-vaunted ‘Summer of Arcade’ made this year a bit different from the norm. Five games released over the course of the summer at a price of 1200 MS points, at admittedly varying quality – I’m looking at you Turtles in Time – but with this scheme Microsoft has offered gamers an excellent selection of games during the slow summer months, championed digital distribution and once again solidified Xbox Live as the premier online console service.

One of the standout games from not only the summer, but possibly the year is the wonderfully titled ‘Splosion Man, from Twisted Pixel, creators of the well received The Maw. On paper, it is a typical platformer, with the task of making your way to the end of the level in as quick a time as possible. Sound familiar? Fear not, you will have never played anything like this before! Continue reading

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