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GAME REVIEW – Batman: Arkham Asylum Second Opinion (From A Batman Fanboy!)

By Duncan Voice


To the left of the desk where I am writing this stands a glass cabinet containing the complete line of Batman Hush action figures, including the Jason Todd as Hush figure, only one of two thousand ever made, pristine in the box of course.

To the right stands a bookcase holding about fifty pieces of Batman literature ranging from Frank Miller masterpieces The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Back, and the seminal Year One, to Jeph Loeb’s Batman:Hush and The Long Halloween, to the infamous Knightfall series where Bane defeats the Batman.

I left the cinema after both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight feeling particularly underwhelmed. Such is the plight of the fanboy, nothing is good enough. The films seemed to forget that Batman is the ‘Worlds Greatest Detective’. He’s a thinking mans Superhero. If Superman reads Nuts magazine, Batman reads Esquire.

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