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BOOK REVIEW – An Act Of Love by Alan Gibbons

By Marty Mulrooney


An Act Of Love is the latest novel from prize-winning Liverpool author Alan Gibbons. Told primarily in flashback, the book tells the story of neighbours and childhood friends Chris and Imran as they grow up together in the UK following the turn of the millennium. However, as they grow older their lives take very different paths. Chris joins the army and serves in Afghanistan, whilst Imran becomes a potential jihad recruit…

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FILM REVIEW – Four Lions

By Joseph Viney


You can always rely on Chris Morris to raise a few eyebrows. The man who made his name lampooning paedophilia, drugs, sex, crime and the modern media’s insane perception of the world around us has now cast his eye over the explosive subject of Islamic fundamentalism. To the average person on the street this means Al-Qaeda, terrorism, suicide bombings and a fear and suspicion of the Muslim world. To Morris it presents a perfect opening to do what he does best; make everybody involved look as stupid as each other.

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