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FILM REVIEW – Alice In Wonderland (2D Version)

By Duncan Voice


Alongside Labyrinth and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Disney’s 1951 animated classic Alice in Wonderland remains one of the most terrifying films of my childhood. It was the peculiar worlds that the characters found themselves in without any way out terrified the 8 year old Duncs. I’d frequently raid my big brother’s VHS collection for the Predator’s and Hellraiser’s of which did nothing for me, but when Alice went down that rabbit hole, man was I in for some bother.

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FILM REVIEW – Alice In Wonderland (3D Version)

By John Fanning (Guest Writer)


There are many things in the cultural gamut whose popularity perplexes this reviewer: Ricky Gervais, iPhones and nightclubs to name but a few. 3D cinema may well find itself added to the ever-lengthening list. Like most popular irritants, there’s an Emperor’s New Clothes dynamic at play here: while everyone else raves about how great it is, a few of us are left feeling a bit underwhelmed by it all.


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