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GAME REVIEW – Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso (Juniper Games, 2006)

By Marty Mulrooney


Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso is the brainchild of Steve Ince, an award-winning writer and designer with over 17 years experience in the gaming industry, including helping to write and design the much loved Broken Sword series of adventure games during his time at Revolution Software.

Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso is also Mr Ince’s valiant first attempt at branching out and designing a small indie game created largely by himself. Based on his own online comic strip (Mr Smoozles), the game has a charm and identity that feels delightfully retro. It will also feel very familiar to fans of his design work and the previous games he has worked on. I was certainly very interested to see what this world-class designer would be offering players with his indie gaming debut.

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