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INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Rudolf Kremers (Co-Creator Of Eufloria)

By Marty Mulrooney


Following on from our recent review of Eufloria (Version 2.05) on PC, AMO caught up with co-creator Rudolf Kremers to discuss the future of his studio Omni Systems Limited, Eufloria’s pending PSN reboot in 2011 and life as a full-time indie game developer.

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By Joseph Viney


“To be or not to be?” That was the question once upon a time but this neat little puzzler will have you scratching your head whilst taking you on a journey of your own mental winter of discontent. In an age where the brainless shoot-em-up reigns supreme, games that really stretch the mind are in short supply. So step forward Hamlet to reclaim the throne that, according to Shakespeare, should rightfully have been his.

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