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MUSIC REVIEW – Closer Than You Know by The Changes

By Marty Mulrooney

The Changes - Closer Than You Know

Closer Than You Know is the third album from The Changes, a band formed in 2002 in Chicago. Since then, the four band members have spread out considerably across the globe. Darren Spitzer (lead singer) and Jonny Basofin (drums) are still living in Chicago, while Rob Kallick (bass) has moved to LA and Dave Rothblatt (guitar/songwriter) is living in Taiwan. That’s what made the 2013 release of their second album – American Master – such a pleasant surprise, with AMO describing it as “a worthy follow-up that quickly proves to be a real grower” and “sadness delivered with a smile.” Closer Than You Know offers fans old and new alike 10 fresh tracks to listen to and enjoy, but has their “trademark wistful lyrics and permeating sense of joyful, exuberant damp” remained intact?

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