Site Update – Happy 1st Birthday Alternative Magazine Online!

By Marty Mulrooney


Alternative Magazine Online turned 1 year old today! It has been a fantastic year for the site and I never expected it to reach the stage that it has done in such a short space of time, so I thought I would take a moment to say a few words…

bio pic 2

AMO started as a simple blog that I created near the end of my degree last year, so it is quite amazing to be sat here now one year later, with over 50,000 people having visited the site. With a team of three other fantastic writers now working alongside me, things have come a long way since those early days where I would have single digit amounts of visitors per day.

There have been ups yes, but also many downs. I would sometimes sit in front of the computer, graduated and jobless, wondering if anyone was even reading this stuff!

But then I would get an email or a forum message from someone who was a fan and it would all feel that little bit more worthwhile.

Even this week I have been decorating my room, whilst still operating AMO from the downstairs living room. It is a daily part of me now and it spurs me forward knowing AMO has a strong following of regular readers. Case in point: a delightful reader has been emailing me this week for advice about starting his own music site. I couldn’t be more humbled that he contacted me for advice.

Then again, I am even getting publishers/individuals contacting me at times, thinking this is a pro site! So things are certainly moving in the right direction. (Sorry you guys, there are no paid jobs here quite yet…) I just wish somebody would offer me a job now!

So here I am, one year later. Still graduated. Still jobless. With a site that just won’t stop growing… and I couldn’t be happier. The original goal was to create an alternative entertainment website with a focus on strong, quality writing and sharp design. Well mission accomplished, right? Thank you all so much!

Special thanks to the following: The AMO Team, my friends & family (you know who you are!), Paddy Hoey (my friend and mentor) my girlfriend Kathryn, Igor Hardy (my partner in crime!), Philip Jong (my editor-in-chief at Adventure Classic Gaming, who has always given brilliant writing advice), Eriq Chang (designed AMO’s header and is also a dear friend) all of our fantastic interviewees throughout the year, all of the publishers and review copy providers and affiliates of AMO and of course, you!

Now a few words from some of AMO’s staff!

Duncan Voice

“I came across AMO when perusing the Digital Spy forums one day when I should have been working and noticed a post from Marty asking for games writers.

I’d always wanted to do a spot of writing one day, and had neither the time or inclination, nor the qualifications. I banged off a quick ‘Splosion Man review and had great feedback from Marty, and was accepted as part of the team.

I was positive I’d just be met with derision, but thanks to a great AMO community and fantastic support from Marty it gave me the confidence to try my hand at other things, develop my own writing style and even attempt to create my own gaming site.

Wherever my career takes me, whether it’s a writer or a full-time dance based internet celebrity, I’ll always have a soft spot for AMO and will always be a part of the team, assuming they keep me!”

Stewie Sutherland

“For me, writing started as a simple outlet in high school. I don’t mean to sound like a typical angsty teenager at the time, but short stories and fan fictions were certainly a good way to relax. Imagine my surprise when, after school finished, I continued! It had become a hobby, pure and simple, but enjoyable like any other good hobby. I enjoyed putting effort into it, submitting it to the world and hearing the responses.

I met Marty a few months ago on a forum and we had a fair few interesting and fun conversations, which led to my invitation to join AMO’s writing staff. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure, nay, honour, or writing besides some people who are not only talented, but just are exceptional individuals. It’s given me a chance to pursue a different branch, away from fiction and into light journalism, and it has helped me to choose a career to follow. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to interesting people and working for them as well, and I look forward to continuing this in the future. Happy birthday AMO!”

Also, I am sure you will have all noticed our new writer Joseph Viney, who has been providing some fantastic film reviews for us recently! Expect to hear a lot more from him in the future. Myself and the rest of the team welcome him to AMO!

AMO will be taking a short break over the next few days (oh go on then, maybe a quick film review tomorrow…) so myself and the rest of the staff wish you all a Happy Easter! Thanks again for a great year!

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3 responses to “Site Update – Happy 1st Birthday Alternative Magazine Online!

  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter, AMO!

    It’s very good to hear works out so great for the whole team.

  2. Happy Birthday Alternative Magazine Online! Marty, I wish you all the best for the future and AMO. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday AMO! And cheers to Marty – for the opportunity. 😉

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