ALTERNATIVE MUSINGS – Where It All Began: Alternative Magazine, 2009

By Marty Mulrooney

Alternative Magazine Cover

A little bit of trivia for AMO’s readers: it all began as a project for my BA Degree in Media and Film, specialising in Print Journalism and Advanced Screenwriting. That’s right, Alternative Magazine began as an actual physical, printed magazine. Previously only seen by friends and family (and the moderators, who gave it a splendid mark I might add!), you too can now finally see how it all started…

The magazine was of course part of the Print Journalism side of my degree, with every student having a full year to pitch a magazine idea and develop it into a final printed product. The catch was this: you needed interviews to get a top mark!

Of course, a film magazine limited me somewhat in this regard… initially. Once I decided to call it Alternative though, everything clicked into place. I interviewed alternative interviewees than the usual film media outlets would have done: stuntmen, special effects experts and fellow journalists. All of this aided by a brilliant mentor and dear friend, Paddy Hoey. I was really proud of the final printed magazine and I still am today.

Sadly, a severe computer crash wrote off my old PC soon after I graduated and also severely damaged my backup drive. It was only in early 2010 (ironically an exact year later after I first started, on my birthday no less!) that I managed to recover the PDF version for your pleasure. A week later, here it is.

Be warned: I have learnt so very much since starting this website. Of course, there are things I could alter in this original magazine… but I actually think it is better to leave it frozen in time, a hint of things that were yet to come. Please note: the Scribd website seems to have messed up the font on my ‘The Shield’ retrospective headline, and some letters are missing elsewhere. (You can contact me for the full PDF if you want to see it without any of these minor issues.) Regardless, you will get a very good idea of what I was going for by clicking the following link and I hope you enjoy this glimpse into AMO’s past!


UPDATE: You can also check out some of my original writing, specifically my script for Advanced Screenwriting, if you wish!


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2 responses to “ALTERNATIVE MUSINGS – Where It All Began: Alternative Magazine, 2009

  1. Holy cow, that looks amazing. I’ve just flicked through it, I’ll try to actually read some of it if I have the time later, but I’d love to see that as an actual magazine.

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